Sunday, April 18, 2010

Siluk's Rare Autographs (part one)

Siluk’s Rare Autographs

Prices USD for Signatures

((For pictures see site: )(this is a one time sale by the author, and items once gone will not be replaced. If you want to make a counter offer that’s possible also, but if it is not reasonable, you will not get a return message…))

20% discount for whoever will buy three items or more; 30% for the whole lot

Signatures are a very good investment, they never go down, always hold their value, and rise

Contact Rosa Penaloza if you are interested:

1) Archie Moore boxing glove on “History for Sale,” site $1250-USD/Siluk’s Site, $1000-USD

(Certificated from Bob Pace, boxing Gallery, attached; who guarantees the autograph)

2) Muhammad Ali booking statement, on “History for Sale,” site $1500-USD (plus it’s just a signature with a light quotation)/on Siluk site $1250. The statement reads on a letter (to the side of the letter sent to him): “Thank you Love, Muhammad Ali I have no more pictures, 10-14-88.”
Certificate No: 7149, by Christopher Stickel Autographs, Est. 1980.

3) John L. Sullivan, signature in pencil (very rare), August 3, 1914, it reads “Compliments of John L. Sullivan” An official stamp by the City’s Mayor’s office, Brookston, Mass, Harry G. Howard, certified by Bo Pace Gallery. On “History for Sale,” site, $30,000-dollars for a typed letter signed/Siluk’s $10,000. (One third).

(Certificated from Bob Pace, boxing Gallery, attached; who guarantees the autograph)

4) Nathaniel Hawthorne (Very rare), signed document, dated August 26, 1849, in red; while he was writing “The Scarlet Letter,” published in 1850, he signed everything in red that year I am told. The document is from the Customs House, in Salem, Mass. Also cosigned by the Naval Officer and collator. For a similar document, by “History for sale,” on the internet, they want $80,000-USD, for the signature of Nathaniel friend, Herman Melville, both considered equal in reputation, and of the same period, he wrote of course, “Moby Dick”). On an inscribed book sells for $9,350 dollars. This document is for sale for: $8.000-USD

(Certified by Christopher Stickel Ref No: 60189)

5) Victor Hugo, a letter signed “V” while working in the Senate in Paris, around 1876 that reads: “Dear friend here the three papers corrected. It s better now that I wait for (the) results (before) insertion (it cannot be done all at once, is what he is inferring; whatever he may be referring to).” On, the letters signed by him range from $14,000 to $3000; this letter will be sold for $2500.

(Certified D’ Authenticate see Libraries De L’ Abbaye)(Certified by a Paris gallery, where it was purchased in 3’2002))

7) H.P. Lovecraft (Very, very Rare, one of a kind) Postcard, signed by him, also by P. Cook (publisher and editor), and W. Munn (poet), to Clark A. Smith. He died in his late 30s of cancer, considered the E. A. Poe of his day. A book, First Edition, on, by Lovecraft, not even signed by him, 1200 copies, signed by co-publisher Donald Wandrei sells for $40,000-USD. I have also two books signed by Donald Wandrei. Anyhow, here is a great buy, one of lifetime; I doubt you can even find a postcard in this fine condition on whole internet. And if you do, you’ll pay a dear price for it.

There is one book on Abe. Signed by Lovecraft, 1936, a brief note on the book page by him, for $27,500-USD; and a holograph of his signature on for $17,500 here you can buy the postcard, the real thing for $20,000-USD

The postcard reads: “Still another conclave! Wandei & Belhuap are both in their respective heavens again, but the spirit of assemble is yet abroad in the land. I am told that the new Braithwaite (England; Robert Braithwaite?) Anthology contains a very fine (or: fiery?) appreciation of your work by Sterling. I must look it up. Heard from galpn lately, he’s enthusiastic about your French verse. In my next I’ll enclose his list of expert linguistic emendations.” Dated April 19, 1927

8) William Faulkner: a very nice signature on a four by three card, dated the year he got his Nobel Prize for Literature, ‘49’ signed in black ink. His signature goes for $1000 to $2000 dollars depending; this will be sold for $900-dollars.

9) Ernest Hemingway: a very nice signature, 1952, on a page “Men at War,” with a 1960 picture of him, taken out of a book of his unauthorized poetry (officially published in Paris, and illegally published in San Francisco); in dark black ink, one of the best signatures I’ve yet to see (purchased off of from a reliable source). $2000-dollars.

10)Jack London, check from “The Merchants National Bank, San Francisco, September 15, 1912 ($229.20) Very nice signature. On there is a 1905, check being sold for $2000-dollar/with a book attached to it First Edition of “Abysmal Brvit” (unknown value); this check will be sold for $1000.

11)Henry W. Longfellow: it is very difficult to appraise this signature; Mr. Longfellow has very few complete signatures. His signature ranges from $12,500 to $1000 dollars, but rare are they with a date and complete signature, the signature card with reads “Yours Truly Henry W. Longfellow,” dated 1877. The paper is old, and a slight fading to it, I will let it go for $900-dollars. With a picture of him, in a frame.

(Certified by Christopher Stickel)

12)Mark Twain’s signature on a signature card with black ink. An autographed postcard sells on for $4250-USD; this is a nice signature, undated, $2000-dollars.

(Certified by Christopher Stickel)

13)George W. Bush, letter signed, during his first presidency, July 30, 2001. On “History for” a signed autograph of GWB goes for $3500 to $4500-USD; this letter is of course much more history than a signed autograph. This letter will be sold for $3000-USD.

14)Jimmy Carter (signed picture and card), president and Nobel Peace Prize winner, the card is signed “Yours truly Jimmy Carter,” and the autograph, just his name. Two signatures (undated) but I received them from the President himself. Before Mr. Carter was president, a letter signed by him, with just Jimmy for a signature, now sells for $10,000 USD on “History for” these are two full and neat signatures. “J. Carter,” signature sells for $700-dollars. These two signatures will be sold for $2550-dollars, a very fair price.

15)Gertrude Stein: a very difficult signature to fine (rare), in pencil, on three by five cards, purchased from Christopher Stickle, autographs. A signed letter is worth $5500-USD, and a signed book $2000 to $5000-USD; this signed card will be sold for $1400-USD.

16)Andy Warhol: a First Edition book of his signed sells for $15,000 USD on; I have an envelope signed by him, when he was at the Holiday Hotel, in Japan. A very rare time indeed. The signature is large; pert near covers the whole envelope, a great signature, one of he best I’ve ever seen and the least expensive signature I could find was a very small one for $1800-dollars; I will sell this one for $1600, and that is a great deal.

17)Mary Renault typed letter, with full signature, dated 3-1-63. She is writing back to a fan, telling her of her trip to Greece, etc. The author is perhaps best known for her isolation and novels on Greek life. Her signature is rare in any form, I have two of them. The letter is for sale, the other one is not; it will be sold for $600-USD.

18)Nat king Cole: signature on card with his trio, all three signed “With best wishes…” about 1946. A signed autograph goes for $2500 to $4000 USD; with only his signature on it, not the whole trio’s. This will be sold for $2000-USD.

19)Elvis Presley signed 45-record (his national trilogy). Comes with certification, and a little background. On “History for Sale,” his signature on a 45-disc jacket is $11,500 USD; my 45 has “Thanks…Elvis Presley” very clear. Ten years ago when I was in Maui, his signed albums were selling for over $4000-dollars, at the gallery I had went to. The albums now are $13,000, it tells you the value in collecting, and the investment goes up each year over 20%; this one comes with a certificate. I cannot find anything less than $8000-USD for a record or album signed. Therefore this item will be sold for $6400-USD.

20)Johnny Cash Harmonica and photograph signed. A photograph of Mr. Cash on “History for” is being sold for $1000-dollars, this photo, will be sold for $500. The Harmonica although holds a much higher value, or at lest to me it should, but I’ve yet to find one for sale, therefore I’ll sell it for $1500, which seems under valued, with a certificate: $2000 for both items. I should point, a program signed by Cash sells for $2500, so this is a great deal.

21)Sherwood Anderson signed page from a book in frame, “Nearer the Grass Roots.” Being sold for $350-dollars.

22)George Sterling (I have most all his first edition books, many signed, if interested let me knew). This item for sale is not a book but a leaf, with three sonnets on it signed by him. This item is very rare; he sold them during his life time, mostly to friends at the Bohemian Club in San Francisco, I would guess. These three sonnets are called “Three Sonnets on Oblivion” In the left hand corner in pencil, is written “Rogers 50” I assume he had fifty made (undated), but he died in 1926. A leaf like this was being sold on awhile ago for over $10,000-dollars. I don’t know what the true value of this is, but surely no less than $1500-dollars, and so I’ll put that price tag on it and hope for the best.

23)Edwin Markham, poet, most famous for “The Man with the Hoe” 1899. The poem is considered the century’s best poem, or “the supreme poem of the century.” Here is a very rare item, the poem on one leaf, signed by him, and dated 1929. A picture of the Man with the Hoe, and a picture of Markham, goes with the price. This items sells for a little over $900-dollars on the internet, I will cut that in half, $450 for my leaf.

24)Clark A. Smith, First Edition signed, book, in fine condition, “The Star-Treader,” one of 1000-copies. In a slipcase. On this book is being sold for $2500 dollars, and mine is in better shape, so it appears. Therefore you can now get it for nearly half that price, $1500-dollars.

25)Clark A. Smith original drawing, it can be seen on “The Eldritch” sight, or on the author’s sight, named “Nightmare.” This is one of a kind, very, very rare indeed. I doubt you will find anything like this on the internet for sale, and it has a history, dating back to the 1970s when it was first acquired, when it was first purchased, I am its third owner. If interested I will send you the history, but for now let’s price the drawing: I really have no idea of what the true value is, since there is nothing out there to compare it with, but I have found one item, that might loosely fit into this category, for $9000-dollars. In any case, I will put it up for sale at $7000-USD, until I find one for sale, if ever. For authentication, you need only follow its history, it will bear his markings.

This is about half the items for sale; the other half will be put up for sale sooner than later…Rosa PeƱaloza

Additional Items:

Boo-Leaf from the KJV Bible, 1611 ($500)
Robert Frost (an autograph poem signed by the great poet; a signed photograph goes for $3125 dollars, this poem and his very clear and nice signature, will be sold for $ 2000-dollars)
Hilary Clinton (Signed First Edition) $1000
Christopher Tolkien (signed first edition, Children of Hurin) $ 1000
Anne Rice (Book of Folly, signed) $ 1 000
Truman Capote (“Music for Chameleons” inscribed) $1 1000
General Pershing (a set of two books signed) $ 2000
Jams A. Michener (two books, one inscribed, the other just signed) $ 1000 (both)
Dalai Lama (Picture signed and enclosure) $ 1 000
Donald Wandrei (the book: “The Dark Odyssey,” one of four hundred copies, No: 38, in V. Fine condition, with DJ. Signed, with slipcase) plus, Ecstasy, his first book, with dust wrapper and slipcase in great condition; The Dark Odyssey: $ 500/Ecstasy: $ 450 Total: $ 950
Charles Bukowski ((“A Love Poem” published 1979, signed by the author, limited edition to 176 copies, this is number 149) (DJ, and slipcase)) Prices for this book range between $ 2500 to $ 900; it is in Fine condition, $ 1000-USD

Total: $103,250

Un-priced Items

James Wright (two books translated by Wright and Bly, signed by Wright, poet of the ‘60s)
Mario Vargas Llosa (“Death in the Andes” semi inscribed)
John Blackburn (“The Young man from Lima” inscribed)
George Sterling (several books signed by him)
President Coolidge (signed card)
Floyd Patterson (3 x 5 cards)
Edward Markham (2nd signature)
Robert Bly (Poet Laureate of Minnesota; book signed by him)
Donald Hall (Poet Laureate of the USA; book signed by him)
Garrison Keillor (poet, writer, radio host, etc; napkin, signed by him)
Ezra Pound (Book of poetry signed by him, 1957)
Carl Sandburg (two books signed by him)
William Burroughs (book signed)
Allen Ginsburg (book signed)
Will Durant (and wife, book signed--autobiography)
Arial Sharon (Picture signed, with official letter from his office)

The Platters (signed napkin)

And other items of the same kind…